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Have you seen the new HHWorks by Healing Hands (The maker of Yoga)? If not you need to check it out. The fabric is soft and the sytles are fitted. We have HHWorks in black, navy, ceil, pewter, carribean, red and royal. This collection is perfect for outfitting your group at a excellent price. Want to see it but can't get away because of a busy schedule? Call and we will bring it to you!

The Scrub Closet offers embroidery service and already has a extensive stock of logos for area businesses. We would love to help with designing or stitching your logo. Just let us know how we can help promote your office.

If you would like to outfit your office, give us a call and will will bring scrubs to your office for selection and sizing. Our goal is to make shopping for our individual customers and office managers effortless!